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Titanium Sports Equipment: Titanium Bicycle Parts, Titanium Golf Club, Titanium Archery Equipment

BMG Titanium focuses the resources and capabilities on the consumer products market. We manufacture titanium sports equipment including titanium bicycle parts, titanium golf clubs, titanium archery equipment, titanium tennis racket, titanium skis, hiking equipment, camping equipment, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks as well as pool cue shafts.

The light weight characteristics of titanium has made it a great material choice in the sporting products market where weight reduction is beneficial.

Throughout the years, BMG Titanium has built up a strong portfolio with a wide range of subcontractor approvals. It approves that we can offer you the utmost competitive advantages in today’s global market. We at BMG Titanium are ready to support your projects around the global and become your reliable partner.

Samples of Titanium Bicycle Parts

titanium bicycle part