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Titanium Heat Exchanger Parts

We customize and manufacture heat exchanger components that can accommodate different heat pump brands.

Titanium heat exchanger using coaxial or “tube in the tube,” the structure of Titanium titanium. The titanium tube inside the heat exchanger effectively agitates the water and the refrigerant. The expanded surface area of ​​the rifled titanium maximizes its contact with the refrigerant and water, providing heat transfer at a higher rate. And, because it is titanium, it never erodes or wears away. The result is that it cost less to create a pool heater, which is the most efficient pool heat pump in the world.

Uncoated bare titanium heat exchanger tubes eliminate all corrosion and maximize heat transfer efficiency. Titanium heat exchangers are used to move heat from one area to another. Pool water rotates around a twisted tube (the water simply passes directly through the round tube). The effect of water increases heat transfer and acts as a self-cleaning mechanism, eliminating scale and corrosion on the pipe surface. The net result is a significant reduction in operating costs.

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